Spotlight on our History:   Meet Everett E. Smith


E.E Smith man and telescope  Meet Everett E. Smith

Everett E. Smith was a crucial
component in the development of our District 

On Saturday, January 26
th in 1924, The District held a special election for the purpose of obtaining bonds in the amount of $700,000 to construct a plant for purification and treatment of sewage. A huge influence on the construction of the plant with the guidance of the District Board Members was Everett E. Smith.

After graduating from Elgin High School in 1923, E. E. Smith joined the newly formed Elgin Sanitary District entering in the role of a laborer and Construction Inspector. After the bonds were secure and construction started, the Board of Trustees chose the first District Superintendent E.E. Smith took on that role at the age of 22 in 1927.

Everett spent over 10 years in that role before he passed away in 1939 at the age of 33. Before his death, Everett was widely known as the District Engineer for his efficient operations of the Elgin Sanitary District, and also for being a member of the Illinois Society of Engineers, The Central States Sewage System Organization, and the Illinois Sewage Treatment Plant Operators. His work left a lasting impact and helped develop the foundation of our District.