Billing Information

How Does FRWRD Bill for Wastewater Services?
For customers within Elgin and South Elgin, fees for wastewater treatment by FRWRD are billed on the combined water and sewer bill sent out by the municipality.  FRWRD bills for service based on metered water usage.  For customers that wish to see the fees charged by FRWRD on their combined water and sewer bill, FRWRD services are identified as “sewer treatment” on the City of Elgin bills and “sewer” on the Village of South Elgin bills. Questions or concerns regarding invoices for Skyline Water customers should be directed to Aqua, Illinois at (877) 987-2782.

Information for Residential Closings:

The property taxes and the combined sewer and water bill for a property must both be paid in full prior to completing a residential closing. To obtain verification contact The City of Elgin's Transfer Stamp Program at (847) 931-5639. For the Village of South Elgin contact South Elgin's Water Billing Department at (847) 742-5780.

What is the Credit Meter Program?

The Fox River Water Reclamation District’s Credit Meter Program allows residents credit that will be issued toward the sewer usage portion of their water bill for water that does not go to the sanitary sewer system. This is typically water used that would be for watering your lawn or garden, filling your swimming pool, or washing your car.  Although registration is closed for new residential clients, new industrial and/or commercial customers can still register for this program. Additional information on the Credit Meter Program can be found under the Document Center.