Discover the multifaceted role
of our Laboratory, w
here we focus
on the three primary functions to ensure
water quality and environmental sustainability. 

Women wearing lab coat doing test Process Control: 

Every day, FRWRD processes around twenty million  gallons of wastewater, a complex and critical task.  Our District Laboratory constantly monitors various parameters, including dissolved and suspended solids, to maintain precise control over the treatment plants' efficiency. We measure Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) to gauge pollutant levels, allowing us to model biotransformation accurately, essential for reclaiming river water.

Man in Lab Coat sitting a computer with book in hand Regulatory Control Analysis & Reporting:  

Compliance is key. We rigorously adhere to three National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, submitting comprehensive reports to both United States Environment Protection Agency (USEPA) and Illinois Environment Protection Agency (IEPA). This year-round endeavor involves collecting, analyzing, and preparing detailed reports on incoming wastewater and discharged water quality and quantity to the Fox River. 

Group of people looking at a computer
Green Technology
Phosphorus Reduction Initiative:

Reducing phosphorus levels is crucial. Our wastewater contains more phosphorus than mandated, prompting us to adopt green technology for its removal. By harnessing microorganisms, we biologically remove dissolved phosphorus, an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. This process involves extracting phosphorus as Struvite, a valuable byproduct.

Lab Equipment
Green Approach to
Biosolids Disposal:

After reclaiming water sent to the Fox River, we're left with sludge. We handle this waste responsibly through three options: hazardous waste disposal (costly), conversion to organic garden fertilizer (cost-effective and harmless), or as organic agricultural fertilizer for non-human-consumed crops (most cost-effective for the community). Rigorous testing ensures the sludge contains no harmful materials, except coliform.

Industrial Customer Support:Man in Lab coat standing in front of Lab Equipment

Our commitment extends beyond water treatment. We offer analytical services to industrial customers at no additional cost, aiding in reducing their carbon footprint and water reclamation expenses. 

RiverSupporting the Fox
River Study Group:

As active participants in the Fox River Study Group, we contribute technical services, analytical data, and expertise, supporting the group's endeavors whenever possible. At the District Laboratory, our dedication lies in innovation, compliance, and environmental stewardship, ensuring a sustainable future for our community and beyond. 

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