Sewer Construction

Engineering Standards: 
Some of our requirements are directly related to enforcing Illinois Environmental Protection Agency standards for sewer construction.  The main goals for all FRWRD requirements are to assure consistent, high quality sewer construction within the District’s service area providing long service life of the sewers and reducing infiltration and inflow into the sewer systems.
Sewer and Manhole Design Notes: 
FRWRD provides standard notes related to sewer and manhole design.  These notes are available for direct incorporation into the design drawings.  Record drawings for sewer constructed within the FRWRD service area are to be provided.  Required record drawing elements are summarized and available for download.
Resident Engineer Inspection:
On sewer projects, FRWRD requires full time inspection by a resident engineer to be performed.  The resident engineer needs to be approved by FRWRD Engineering Staff for the project.  A summary of experience requirements for a resident engineer is available for download.  Resident engineers are to provide FRWRD with copies of daily reports from the construction every two weeks.  The daily report form is provided.
Air Pressure Testing: 
Air pressure testing must be performed for sewer construction projects and where new services laterals are connecting into an existing sewer.  Air pressure testing is to be witnessed by FRWRD Engineering Staff.
Documents for Download: 
The Fox River Water Reclamation District maintains standard details and notes, inspection and testing requirements, and record drawing submittal standards for sewer projects. Documents are available to download below.
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Engineering Standards4 documents

  • Engineer Plan Notes
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    Minimum Project Specification Requirements (Word Doc)
  • Engineer Plan Notes
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    Minimum Project Specification Requirements (PDF)
  • Resident Engineer Daily Report Form
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    Sanitary Sewer Installation (PDF)
  • Sewer Connection Ordinance 301
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    Requirements for Sewer Construction Ordinance (PDF)