Community Resources

Career Opportunities:
FRWRD hires roughly around 50 full-time employees. Our team of Scientists, Engineers, Operators, Electricians, Maintenance Technicians, Administrators, and Administrative Staff are dedicated to protecting the Fox River. Our team recycles wastewater into clean water protecting the earth’s most valuable resource.  If you are looking for a job that makes a difference in the health of your community, has competitive pay, and comprehensive benefits, check out or open job postings by clicking the link above.

Billing Information:
FRWRD does not bill residents directly for their wastewater services. Residents of Elgin and South Elgin will see the charges for our services directly on their water bill.  Click the above link for additional information on residential billing, learn about the FRWRD Credit Meter Program, and contact information for residential closings. 

Are you looking to build a new commercial, industrial, or residential property and are located outside the boundaries of the FRWRD’s District? Click the link above to learn the annexations process of the District, download an annexation packet, or speak with a FRWRD staff member on the annexation of your property.

Sewer Construction:
The FRWRD has requirements in place to assure consistent, high quality sewer construction within the District's service area. This ensures the long service life of the sewer and reducing infiltration and inflow into the sewer systems. To learn more about engineer standards, sewer and manhole design notes, resident engineer inspection, and air pressure testing click the link above.

Industrial Pretreatments:
The FRWRD Industrial Pretreatment program was established to protect the residents and environment our District.  This program regulates Industrial wastewater to ensure the harmful chemicals and pollutants are not being discharged into our sewers and the Fox River. FRWRD monitors Industrial companies to make sure they are complying with the requirements of the Environment Protection Agency. Click the link above for additional information regarding the program, learn the FRWRD discharge limits, complete an industrial waste survey, or contact with Pretreatment staff. 

Connection Permits:
The FRWRD requires new and renovated buildings to apply for a connection permit. The District Connection Permit Program ensures that the applicable standards are used in the construction of the building. This protects the treatment plant’s operations ensuring the proper treatment of sewage before being discharged into the Fox River. To find out information for receiving a permit application, permit for food applications, permit fees, and IEPA permits click the above link.

Looking to submit a bid on an upcoming construction project for FRWRD. Click the link above to view open proposals for construction projects, instructions on how to submit a bid, and bid awards.