Becoming a Part of the Fox River Water District Service Area: 
Properties that are not currently annexed to FRWRD but are within the District’s facility planning area as defined by CMAP, may be able to annex to FRWRD and receive wastewater treatment services.  In order to determine if wastewater treatment service can be provided for a property that is not currently annexed to the Fox River Water Reclamation District, please contact Mike Dacka at 847-742-2068.
Submitting An Annexation Application: 
In order to annex to FRWRD, an application for annexation must be completed and submitted to the Permitting Department.  View the Document Center to obtain a comprehensive annexation information packet. Within this packet you will find the detailed requirements for submitting an application with the cost of fees for the Annexations.
Annexation Process: 
Annexation to FRWRD typically takes approximately 2 months once all applicable information has been provided to FRWRD. Annexations are completed through a two-step process.  The first step is an initial presentation of information to the Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled board meeting.  The petitioners for annexation or their representative are requested to attend this initial presentation.  If annexation appears appropriate to the Board of Trustees, FRWRD’s attorney will develop an Annexation Ordinance for the property.
Adoption of the Annexation: 
The second step in annexation is adoption of the annexation ordinance by the Board of Trustees.  Petitioners are not generally required to attend this meeting.  First installment of service fees and any applicable sewer recapture fees due to FRWRD must be paid prior to the Board of Trustees passing the annexation ordinance.  FRWRD Engineering staff will advise petitioners if any sewer recapture fees to FRWRD are applicable for the property.