Meet Our Senior Staff: 

Eric Johnson wearing a Suit
Executive Director Eric J. Johnson J.D: 
Our Executive Director works directly with our Board of Trustees and staff overseeing the operations of our three wastewater treatment plants that have a total capacity of recycling 37.5 million gallons per day. Under his leadership, he ensures the proper management of our operational budget, staff, and the compliance of all federal, state, and local regulations. Under his role, he has a commitment to the District to ensure that we are consistently providing reliable wastewater treatment services to our residents. While he is always looking for innovative ways for our wastewater plants to run more efficiently and be beneficial for the district for years to come.

Promod Vohra in a suit Chief of H.R. & Admin Dr. Promod Vohra:
Our Chief of Human Resources and Administration oversees the daily operations of Accounting and Human Resources Departments. In his role, he is committed to providing a conducive work environment for all our all employees, while seeking qualified, motivated, and diverse individuals to join our team.  As the Chief of H.R, and Admin nothing could be more important than to support the organization through professional development, training, safety, state of the art technology, respect for self and others, and commitment to the diversity, equity, and inclusion, and accountable practices. Under his role, he ensures that that FRWRD focuses on initiatives of safety, disaster recovery, education and development, health and wellness, and supervisor training. He ensures that FRWRD embraces innovation and also providing recognition of the hard work and contribution of our FRWRD Staff.

Cameron C

 Technical Services Director Cameron Colby: 
Our Technical Services Director oversees the operations of our Laboratory, Engineering, and Permitting Departments. This role ensures that FRWRD is compliant with Environment Protection Agency regulations for us, as well as regulating the business in our community. The Technical Services Director works to provide our staff with the tools to be successful in their roles. Working with the various departments, the Technical Services Director plays an integral part in determining the overall operational needs of FRWRD. Working with The Engineering Department, the Technical Services Director oversees all construction contracts and projects. Our Technical Services Director works closely with our Executive Director to determine appropriate budgets, plans for future development, capital improvement projects, and increasing plant efficiencies. 

Ed Brown in a suit
Director of Operations Edward Brown: 

Our Director of Operations oversees the Maintenance and Operations Departments. Under his direction ensures that there is open communication between both departments.  In this role he works beside the Technical Services Director and Director of Human Resources to provide the tools necessary for both departments to be successful. The Director of Operations works closely with the Laboratory Manager to monitor all three plants to make sure they are operating in compliance with the USEPA and IEPA and make adjustments required to meet those requirements. 


Laboratory Manager Sam Youssef: 
Our Laboratory Manager oversees the District's chemical analysis and Laboratories, as well as the newly initiated Chemistry Internship Program. In his role, the Laboratory Manager ensures the timely, consistent, and accurate data collection in the District's laboratory and the three remote laboratories for process control, as well as for reporting purposes to the IEPA and USEPA for the compliance with relevant federal, state, and local regulations purposes. The Laboratory Manager ensures the implementation of the appropriate protocols, technologies, and instrumentations necessary to meet the ever-changing regulations to ensure that the quality of the final product, the water being discharged to the Fox River, meets or exceeds standards mandated by IEPA and USEPA.

Marcus Peters in a Suit
Operations Superintendent Marcus Peters: 
Our Operations Superintendent oversees the Operations Department. As the District’s Safety Officer, he identifies potential risks and hazards in the workplace, establishing procedures and protocols that ensure that the operators are working efficiently and safely in their roles and are adequately following OSHA Standards. Within this role, he assisted in the development of our Emergency Response Team providing staff with the protocols and trainings to handle a wide range of emergency situations. The Operations Superintendent works closely with the Maintenance Superintendent to plan for repairs and improvements within the Wastewater Reclamation Facilities.

MS SC (1)

Maintenance Superintendent Shannon Corn: 
Our Maintenance Superintendent oversees the staff in our Maintenance Department. He ensures daily that the staff are provided with the training, mentorship, and tools to complete projects successfully. In this role, he develops schedules for preventative maintenance, works to diagnosis and correct mechanical issues, establishes contracts with vendors, and examines equipment for replacement. He works directly with the Operations Superintendent to ensure they have the support that they need for the plants to work efficiently.