Legislators visited the District for Earth Day!

Earth Day Legislators planting a tree
Pictured from left to right: Trustee Martin McCormack, Senator Dave Syverson, Trustee Elizabeth Penesis, Senator Karina Villa, Representative Maura Hirschauer, Senator Donald P. DeWitte, Representative Suzanne Ness, Senator Cristina Castro, Trustee Marvin Kramer, and Board President Benjamin Bernal.

                Legislators visited the District for Earth Day!

FRWRD was honored to host esteemed state legislators from the District at our administrative offices and ADP wastewater treatment facility. We shared a comprehensive tour of our facility and provided insights into our daily laboratory processes.

During the visit, we discussed our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices and the cutting-edge technologies we've adopted. These include the MagPrex struvite removal reactor, our bio-phosphorus system, and the exciting new pilot program exploring biological algae side stream treatments.

We concluded our tour with a symbolic gesture for a greener future by planting a tree near the beautiful Fox River. This act reflects our dedication not just to improving water quality, but to enhancing the ecosystem at large.

As we continue to invest in modern and sustainable technologies, FRWRD remains at the forefront of promoting green technology in wastewater management. Our dedication ensures not just compliance with today's standards, but a robust foundation for a sustainable future.

Thank you to all the legislators who joined us today and for their continued support in our mission. Together, we are making a significant impact!